Update for Customers with bookings after 11th February 2022

Dear Customer,

Following the Government removal of the requirement to complete a Day 2 Lateral Flow test for Vaccinated travellers effective 4am on Friday 11th February, we have put in place the following policy for passengers with Day 2 Lateral Flow tests booked for after this date.

It should be noted from the outset that these tests are 'non-refundable'  and this was a required tickbox on the booking form

  • No refunds can be given if UK or other government rules change making these no longer necessary for travel (once dispatched).

As per https://www.gov.uk/accepting-returns-and-giving-refunds


The PLF code provided is counted as a personalised item as it has been prepared for you and provided to the government (in line with the Minimum Standards for Providers) for travel purposes.

However, throughout our business we have always tried to put the customer first, including offering the cheapest Day 2 tests nationally for the first month of the programme, and receiving outstanding TrustPilot reviews for which our team are rightly proud.

Therefore, we have arranged the following:

  • All customers continue to have the option to convert the test to a Pre-Travel test should your destination require it, and this can be done on the homepage of our website at any time.

  • We have also taken the decision to offer a £7.50 refund to all affected customers (unlike almost all other providers), with customers able to keep the test. This can be used for personal testing purposes, or should tests return (which we hope not!) we plan to be able to 'reactivate' your booking for the same payment.

Most customers should be able to complete this request using the below automatic refund form. Anyone who has any difficulties, or believes they are eligible for a refund but the below search does not find their record should email our team sales@simplytestme.co.uk. The below form is however the quickest method, as these refunds are activated immediately and you should receive a refund receipt from Stripe as well as the money on your card within 14 days.

We thank you for your custom, and wish you happy travels!