The Process

Pre-Travel Tests

  1. Order your Lateral Flow  (Antigen) test in line with our booking requirements ensuring you order well in advance of your departure date. 

  2. We'll post the test via Royal Mail same day for orders by 3pm Monday - Friday. (We can take no responsibility for Royal Mail delays)

  3. (This section (3) only applies if your test has a label on with a combination of letters eg ABCD-EFGH.)
    Ensure you register the test by clicking 'Register Test' on the menu bar, or by clicking here. This allocated the specific test to an actual traveller. You must get this information 100% correct as it is used to generate your travel certificate.

  4. Complete the test in line with the requirements of your destination country. You can view a video on the swabbing process here.

  5. Wait the correct amount of time as per your test instructions.

  6. Take and upload a photo showing the test cassette (with the result)  by clicking the 'Upload your test result' button on the menu.​

  7. Continue with your normal life.

  8. We're honest. We validate within 6hrs (generally much quicker!) between 6am and 9pm, 7 days a week.
    You'll receive a confirmation e-mail and SMS once validation is complete with your PDF, email and SMS certificates for travel.

COVID-19 travel restriction due to the use of mandatory corona virus mask on airplane flig